Fossil fuels and faith - a Lutheran's View on Climate and Environmental Justice

Aside from the tragedy of the pandemic and its resulting economic devastation, some of the most prominent challenges confronting America in the new year include the prospect of climate change and our history of racial inequity. For too long, we have considered and responded to these as separate threats but we have increasingly begun to accept that the impacts of climate change have already begun, that racist systems still haunt society, AND that there are inextricable links between them. How might people of faith better understand the common systems that connect these and what might we do in response to that knowledge?

Presenter: Jim Boulter

Jim Boulter is a professor of chemistry in the Public Health and Environmental Studies program at UW-Eau Claire; he  is also a lifelong Lutheran and married to an ELCA pastor. In addition to his teaching and research, he has been engaged in public communications related to climate, energy, sustainability, and faith for the past couple decades. He serves the community through work with local governments and as a citizen advocate for federal climate legislation.

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