Generosity Resources

JOyfully Generous

This 8-week worship series is an expression of The Generosity Project, ELCA, and will focus on God's generosity & kindness across the generations. 


Each week includes: 

  + A full worship outline 

  + A Live it Out activity sheet  

  + A video reflection honoring the generations

Week 1 Worship          Week 1 Video

Week 2 Worship          Week 2 Video

Week 3 Worship          Week 3 Video

Week 4 Worship          Week 4 Video

Week 5 Worship         Week 5 Video

Week 6 Worship          Week 6 Video

Week 7 Worship         Week 7 Video

Week 8 Worship          Week 8 Video

JOy in My Heart

5-Week at-home VBS resource about generosity and kindness.

(An expression of The Generosity Project, ELCA)

(Click HERE to download)