Rostered Leaders

Here you will find resources for Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ministers of Word and Service in the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin.

FIrst Call Leaders

We value all opportunities for rostered leaders to gather with one another for support, fellowship and learning opportunities.  And we make intentional efforts to connect those in their first three years of call.  

Synod Events for Leadership Development:

+Fall Ministry Retreat (September)

+First Call Theological Event (November)

+Winter Theological Event (January)

+Walking Together (February)

+EPIC (March)

+Synod Assembly (May)


How do I become a rostered leader?

Perhaps you are felling called to serve in ministry as a Pastor or Deacon in the Lutheran Church.  If so HERE are some resources to help guide you!  

Please feel free to contact Rev. Randy Olson ( - he can help answer any questions you may have about the process!