Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi, Africa

We are walking in the light of God together sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and embracing the mutuality of our gifts and mission.

Malawi, Africa

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi is one of the fastest growing churches in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The ELCM was established November 21, 1982. The establishment was done by indigenous lay people who became Lutherans as they worked in the neighboring countries of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania where Lutheranism had already existed and rooted.

In 1999, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi and the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin - ELCA covenanted together in a companion synod relationship.

Malawi SUmmit

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

5:00 - 7:00 pm


Have you visited Malawi in the past or, perhaps, are interested in a future trip?  Does your congregation have a parish partnership or other initiative that connects with our friends in ministry there? All those who are interested in our synod’s companionship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi are invited to join us for this event as we share insights about our most recent visit, explore how this partnership has evolved over the last 25 years, and discuss objectives as we accompany our siblings in the future.  Bring your stories, experiences, hopes, and questions as we consider our relationship with the Warm Heart of Africa!  



Ongoing support for the ministry we do together

We continue to seek ways to sustain the ministries we do together, and to develop new and meaningful ways we can accompany our brothers and sisters in Malawi.  If you or your congregation feel called to support well projects, the Pastors' Academy, literacy or children's education programs, permaculture training, parish/clinic/school buildings, or feeding programs, please contact the companion synod coordinator, Deacon Laura Ramlow (lramlow@nwswi.org).  

Or you can click the link below to arrange your gift. 

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