Spiritual Wellbeing

Christos Spirituality Center

Mission: Christos cultivates the inner life through contemplative practices so that we can recognize and embody God’s loving presence in the world.

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Wisdom ways center for spirituality

Wisdom Ways is a place for spiritual seekers of all faith traditions • creators of community • environmentalists • story and vibrant conversation • deep theological wonder • fulfilling a longing for creative connection to Divine Wisdom • exploring Mystery • defining a commitment to justice developing a spiritual practice • connecting science with spirit, space, quiet, and reflection.

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Grace Institute for spiritual formation

Grace Institute for Spiritual Formation provides immersion in core Christian spiritual practices and small group leadership for individual and congregational renewal.

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Dependable Strengths

Naming and claiming your strengths through discernment and small group conversation.

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Spiritual Autobiography

Your life story is your own.  No one else can tell it.  Preparing a Spiritual Autobiography gives you the opportunity to remember significant people, places and events in your life and how these have formed.  

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Dwelling in the word


Neighborhood Walk