Building bridges and putting people above politics

The power of relationships that can move mountains. Helping people realize their power through education and their rights. Reaching out to my neighbor in the midst of a toxic environment and the power of walking together as allies. Together we are the difference makers that can change our neighborhoods and challenge the establishment and the systems of oppression. Then we can set back and watch the miracle of the power of unity unfold.

Presenter: Khader El-Yateem

The Rev. Khader El-Yateem serves currently as the Assistant to the Bishop and the Director of Evangelical Mission in the Florida--Bahamas Synod. Prior to that he was the mission developer and pastor of the first Arabic speaking Lutheran congregation in the ELCA in Brooklyn, New York. He focused his ministry in building bridges and community organizing in collaboration with the Muslim and the Jewish communities. His ministry focused on justice that ended with his run for city council in 2017.  He is known as Father K.

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