Synod Staff

  • Rev. Laurie Skow-Anderson


    • Preach, teach, and administer the sacraments
    • Provide pastoral care and leadership
    • Ordain, Commission, and Install rostered leaders
    • Lead in the mission of the church
    • Help strengthen the unity of the church
    • Representing the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin in regional and national gatherings


  • Liz Bartsch

    Synod Minister


    • Maintain payroll and general synod bookkeeping
    • Organize registration for events
    • Coordinate the annual synod assembly
    • Serve as the office receptionist
    • Offer rostered leader and congregational support
    • Organize synod events
    • Work closely with Synod Council
    • Assist with the candidacy process

    715-859-6810 office     

    715-914-9253 cell

  • Rev. Randy olson

    Synod Minister


    • Call process
    • Candidacy for rostered leaders
    • Bridge builders
    • Pastoral Care
    • First Call Theological Event Coordinator
    715-859-6810 office
    715-558-0084 cell
  • Rev. Greg Kaufmann

    Synod Minister


    • Assist with Call process
    • Financial reporting of the Siebert Grant Faithful Innovations Network 
    • Liaison to Lay School of Ministry, and its Bible Teacher
    • Liaison to the Synod Resource Center
    • Liaison to the Endowment Committee
    • Liaison to the Evangelical Leadership Committee
    • Represent the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin on churchwide networks and initiatives


  • REv. Erin Nelson

    Director for Evangelical Mission (D.E.M.)

    • Congregational Vitality
    • Align the synod with Future Directions 2025
    • Mission Support & Stewardship Initiatives
    • Call Process

    715-859-6810 office

    715-821-9226 cell

  • Deacon  Laura Ramlow

    Synod Minister

    Communication,  faith formation, malawi

    • Maintain and create all digital and printed communication
    • Assist congregations with communication questions and concerns
    • Synod Youth Board Coordinator
    • Malawi Companion Synod Coordinator
    • Coordinator of Faith Formation (first third of life ministry, cross-generational ministry, youth workers, etc.)


Adjunct Staff



    • Region 5 Representative
    • Provide rostered leaders with Portico Benefits guidance and resources 
    • Field questions regarding Portico changes