Synod Staff

  • Rev. Laurie Skow-Anderson


    • Preach, teach, and administer the sacraments
    • Provide pastoral care and leadership
    • Ordain, Commission, and Install rostered leaders
    • Lead in the mission of the church
    • Help strengthen the unity of the church
    • Representing the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin in regional and national gatherings


  • Liz Bartsch

    Synod Minister


    • Maintain payroll and general synod bookkeeping
    • Organize registration for events
    • Coordinate the annual synod assembly
    • Serve as the office receptionist
    • Offer rostered leader and congregational support
    • Organize synod events
    • Work closely with Synod Council
    • Assist with the candidacy process

    715-859-6810 office     

    715-914-9253 cell

  • Rev. Randy olson

    Synod Minister


    • Call process
    • Candidacy for rostered leaders
    • Bridge builders
    • Pastoral Care
    • First Call Theological Event Coordinator
    715-859-6810 office
    715-558-0084 cell
  • REv. Diane House

    Director for Evangelical Mission (D.E.M.)

    • Congregational Vitality
    • Align the synod with Future Directions 2025
    • Mission Support & Stewardship Initiatives
    • Call Process

    715-859-6810 office


  • Deacon  Laura Ramlow

    Synod Minister

    Communication,  faith formation, malawi

    • Maintain and create all digital and printed communication
    • Assist congregations with communication questions and concerns
    • Synod Youth Board Coordinator
    • Malawi Companion Synod Coordinator
    • Coordinator of Faith Formation (first third of life ministry, cross-generational ministry, youth workers, etc.)


  • Deacon Lidixe Montoya



    • Neighbor to Neighbor: Together in Ministry
    • Creating bridges between the Anglo Christians and the Hispanic community in the Eau Claire area
    • Anti-racism exploration, training, and conversations
    • Community Social Justice
    • Community Outreach and partnerships
  • pastor Sara Bishop

    Synod advocate for right relationships

    • Liaison – point of contact between congregations, the synod, indigenous peoples/tribes, and agencies involved in work in Northwest Wisconsin; Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin and the advocacy work of the ELCA nationally.
    • Resource – Provide a forum to identify and maintain a central theology of right relationship around which Advocate and committees gather information, perspectives and action
    • Educator – Lead workshops for groups, including congregation-based faith formation programs, and facilitate discussion of issues of right relationship at the congregational, conference, synod, and national level, with special focus on the annual theme for the synod.

Adjunct Staff



    • Region 5 Representative
    • Provide rostered leaders with Portico Benefits guidance and resources 
    • Field questions regarding Portico changes

Synod Vice President

  • Al Arndt