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Nurturing faith through learning, worship, leadership, and ministry support.

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Cross-Generational Activity

The NW Synod has a mobile cross-generational activity, complete with instructions, resources and supplies, that is currently traveling around to congregations across NW WI!  

Would you like to join in the fun?


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Home Grown Faith

HomeGrown Faith is about ministry and mission in the ever changing landscape for Christian education, faith formation and discipleship. A vision for HomeGrown Faith includes: 

  • Creating a seamless journey for faith formation that connects each generation, age and stage of life.
  • Equipping households to speak the language of faith and the heart of faith – at home and away from home.
  • Knowing and treasuring, “like an old family recipe,” the faith stories of our ancestors as recorded in Holy Scriptures.
  • Becoming “living stones” – story tellers of God’s unfolding Story in my life and God’s Story in yours.
  • Engaging, equipping and empowering all generations for serving one another, like Jesus.

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Faith Inkubators

"Gathering Generations Together. Blending Worship and Education. Connecting Church and Home."

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Milestone Ministry

Our Mission

Milestones Ministry mission is to provide congregations and households with resources and coaching services to nurture the Christian faith and reach out to others with the love of God in Christ.

Our Commitment

“We believe that Milestones Ministry provides an essential congregational tool for faith formation and outreach in the twenty-first century. For the home, Milestones Ministry nurtures the Christian faith, strengthens relationships, and creates the kind of bond that promotes meaningful memories for years to come.”

Milestone Ministry Resources

Vibrant Faith

Vibrant Faith is committed to guiding people and communities in a lifelong journey of discipleship – experiencing, learning, and practicing the Christian faith – as they seek to follow God’s Way in the world.

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Augsburg fortress

"As the ministry of publishing of the ELCA, we are dedicated to serving you with top quality Christian materials that communicate the Gospel, enhance faith, and enrich the life of the Church and the communities it serves. In turn, each purchase you make from us helps us to support your ministry. Unlike other publishers and church supply companies, Augsburg Fortress reinvests all profits made into the development of new quality ministry resources for the church. The result — a virtuous circle that encompasses both the needs of your church and the ability for Augsburg Fortress to provide you with resources to meet those needs."

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Synod Resource center

Looking for a book, video, Bible study or worship resources? Our Synod Resource Center can help! You can visit the center at 1005 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire, and browse through the many resources housed there or you can access files electronically by clicking the link below. Either way, you will find a wealth of information to meet your needs.

Synod Resource Center Website