Our Synod

Synod Women's Organization


Our Synod organization includes Lutheran women who gather in nearly 200 communities of Northwest Wisconsin for service, study, advocacy, fellowship, and more. WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) embraces all kinds of ministries that support our mission of mobilizing women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ. There is a place for you in Women of the ELCA, both locally and nationally!

    Synod COuncil

    Approved Synod Council Minutes

    March 19, 2016

    May 21, 2016 (assembly)

    Synod Council is our board of directors and our legislative authority in between synod assemblies. Minutes from Synod Council meetings are available on request from the synod office. The council meets three or four times a year and is made up of the following:


    Rev. Rick Hoyme, Bishop (2019)

    Lynn Fering, Vice President (2019)

    Rev. Lori Peper, Secretary (2020)

    John Levi, Treasurer (2020)


    Apple River Conference

    Justin Swanson (2019)

    Rev. Marilyn Crossfield (2018)

    Kim Patterson (2017)

    Chequamegon Conference

    Dan Rosien (2018)

    Jenny Nieman (2019)

    Rev. Bob Giese (2017)

    Chippewa Valley Conference

    Tim Fehr (2018) 

    Rev. Sarah Semmler Smith (2017)

    Michelle Pride (2019)

    Dairyland Conference

    Edsel Johnson (2017)

    Rev. Rolf Morck (2019)

    Kathy Boe (2018)

    Heart of the North Conference

    Ed Peters (2019)

    Karyn Hullinger (2017)

    Rev. Russell Leeper (2018)

    Lake Superior Conference

    Magge Ericson (2018)

    Rev. Paul Simmons (2019)

    Gerald Olson (2017)

    St. Croix Valley Conference

    Phyllis Beastrom (2018)

    Ed Waters (2017)

    Rev. Erin Nelson (2019)


    Mara Grant (2017)

    Maddy LoRusso (2018)


    Steven Albarado (2018)


    Women of the ELCA

    Sue Saarem

    Specialized Ministry

    Bishop’s Staff

    Rev. Greg Kaufmann

    Rev. John Sutherland

    Rev. Laurie Skow-Anderson

    Liz Bartsch