Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi

We are walking in the light of God together sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and embracing the mutuality of our gifts and mission.

Malawi, Africa

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi is one of the fastest growing churches in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The ELCM was established November 21, 1982. The establishment was done by indigenous lay people who became Lutherans as they worked in the neighboring countries of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania where Lutheranism had already existed and rooted.

In 1999, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi and the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin - ELCA covenanted together in a companion synod relationship.

2017 Adult/Youth Malawi Trips

Details are finalized and we are making preparations for our two synod trips to Malawi, Africa next summer. 

The first trip will be for adults and take place July 1-16th. 

The second trip will be for high schoolers and college students and take place from July 16-August 1st.  

Please take note of the deadlines and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Click HERE for adult trip application

Click HERE for youth application

ELCM Pastors' Academy

Since 2009 the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi and the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin have worked together to host a continuing education event for pastors in Malawi.

Malawi Famine Relief

Our companion synod in Malawi (ELCM) is currently experiencing a famine due to the severe flooding that occurred earlier this year. Because of the famine, and estimated 2.8 million people in the "Warm Heart of Africa" are currently facing starvation. Unfortunately, the situation will only get worse. The need for food and resources is critical during the peak of the famine (November 2015 - March 2016). Please consider joining the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin in our relief efforts to reduce hunger and starvation. Monetary gifts will be sent directly to Malawi's food ministries. Thank you! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!